Facilities in our libraries

The Reykjavik City Library has a wide variety of facilities for all kinds of activities!

For example:

  • Browse through library items
  • Study in peace or with a group
  • Relax and read
  • Make a podcast
  • Meet people or hang with friends
  • Put up exhibitions
  • Hold meetings, courses, or conferences
  • Meet up with the sewing club
  • Make patterns for and sew clothes or whatever else you can dream up
  • Print original designs with the 3D printer
  • Design and print decals with the vinyl cutter
  • Play with MakeyMakey, Little Bits, Lego Story Starter, or boardgames
  • Watch a film, listen to music, or read comics

Do you have a good idea for a new or improved facility at the Reykjavik City Library? Drop us a line at info@borgarbokasafn.is .