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15:00 - 16:00
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Love Speech | Open Mic

Saturday June 15th 2024

Let's create new Icelandic words and read them out loud. 

What words are missing from the Icelandic language? We will be playing with words. The words created are collected in a new dictionary. This is the place to discuss what we love to hear - our experience of communication

The mic open for any new words you might want to share and contribute to Love Speech.

Love Speech is a tool to develop a more open language community and encourage respectful communication. We emphasize on lived realities, emotional literacy and ownership of the Icelandic language. Icelandic is the language of all of us who live here, just like the fight against hate speech should be everyone's fight. To many people, it is not always clear when they are using hate speech, but we should all know when we speak out of love. The outcome of Love Speech is a collection of words that were created in this environment. 

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All welcome, no participation fee

The project is supported by the Immigration fund. 

Further information: 
Martyna Karolina Daniel 
Specialist of intercultural affairs