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11:30 - 13:30
The teachers speak several different languages

Chat and play in Icelandic

Saturday June 29th 2024

Join us for this free Icelandic practice meet-up and get to know other people who are learning too!
All welcome - also beginners! It's free and you don‘t need to register. Just show up!

We chat, play different word games, solve crosswords, and have fun together! We have games for all levels and experienced teachers to help anybody in need or suggest new games to play so don't be afraid to join even if you just started learning Icelandic! Those regular meet-ups are for anyone who wants to practice their Icelandic speaking skills in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Chat and play in Icelandic is a part of the event series Spjöllum með hreim (Let's chat with an accent). We offer free Icelandic practice meet-ups with 4 different activities aimed at people with different interests and learning preferences. You can read more about Spjöllum með hreim and find our full program HERE.

For more information:
Martyna Karolina Daniel, intercultural specialist