Booklist | Non-binary or genderqueer books

Kváradagurinn was celebrated for the second time in Iceland on Tuesday March 21st 2023.
Through the decates bóndadagurinn ( bóndi means a farmer or a husband)  and konudagurinn (kona means a woman) have been held, when Icelanders celebrate husbands, fiancés and boyfirends and women are pampered and well thought of by their partners. 

Kvár is a new word in Icelandic, a gender-neutral identifier for non-binary adults that can be used in place of 'man' or 'woman' (They in English). It goes like this: hann er maður - hún er kona - hán er kvár.

Bóndadagurinn takes place at the first day of þorri, the fourth month of winter according to the ancient Norse calendar, now always on a Friday between January 19th and 25th.
Konudagurinn is always on the first day of góa, according to the ancient Norse calendar, on a Sunday between February 18th and 25h in our times. 
And now, since 2022, Kvárdagurinn is celebrated on the first day of einmánuður, the first day of the last month of winter according to the ancient Norse calendar, a Tuesday anywhere from March 20th through 26th. 

Kvár counjugates like this: 
Singlular                        Plural
nf: kvár                            nf:  kvár
þf: kvár                            þf:  kvár
þgf: kvári                        þgf: kvárum
ef: kvárs                         ef: kvára

For a child or a young person Stálp is the non-binary noun „They“. It goes like this: hann er strákur - hún er stelpa - hán er stálp.

Stálp conjugates this way: 
Singlular                        Plural
nf: stálp                          nf: stálp
þf: stálp                          þf: stálp
þgf: stálpi                      þgf: stálpum
ef: stálps                       ef: stálpa

Below you can see an example of non-binary or gender queer books that can be found at the Library.