Söguhornið | An enjoyable multilingual mini festival

The festival started with some beautiful music played by José Luis Anderson who also sang in Spanish, English and Icelandic. After that there were some cozy storytimes in Arabic, English, Farsi, Icelandic, Polish, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian. Arts and Crafts workshop with Jurgita Motiejunaite was very popular where beautiful artwork was made and Rósa Björg Jónsdóttir from the Library of Móðurmál brought books in many lanugages that people could have and some brought here new ones from home they didn't read any longer. The festival ended with a children‘s disco were young ones and some older ones danced like there was no tomorrow.

Children's disco

The occation of the festival was the opening of a new platform at the library, Söguhornið, which anyone can book and do their own cosy storytime in any language at a library of own choice. If booked in advance the library staff will put books in that language on display for your guests to read on the spot or to borrow, for those who have a library card. 

Here you can read more about Söguhornið and book your own storytime in any language.