Hringrásarsafnið | Borrow useful items

Welcome to Hringrásarsafnið where you can borrow all sorts of useful tools and items!

What is Hringrásarsafnið?

Hringrásarsafnið is a collaboration project between the City Library and Munasafn RVK Tool Library. We have self-checkout systems in Reykjavik City Library Grófin, Reykjavik City Library Gerðuberg, Reykjavík City Library Kringlan and Reykjavik City Library Úlfarsárdalur. You can borrow all sorts of useful tools and items - the variety in the cupboards changes regularly.

See below what items are currently available at the libraries:

City Library Grófin
City Library Gerðuberg
City Library Kringlan
City Library Úlfarsárdalur

How much is the yearly membership?


For those who own a library card: 5000 ISK
For those who don't have a library card: 7000 ISK
For members of Munasafn RVK Tool Library: FREE

Join us and gain access, save money and reduce CO2 emission all by sharing!

*Please note that members of Hringrásarsafnið are not members of Munasafn RVK Tool Library, but all members of the Munasafn can use Hringrásarsafnið self checkout in Grófin, Gerðuberg, Kringlan and Úlfarsárdalur.