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Multilingual co-creation at the library

We had a beautiful Kakó Lingua afternoon in Kringlan on October 22nd! Our host Otilia Martin, a visual artist and designer, invited our participants to reflect on what they wanted more of in their lives as a family.

We started the workshop by having the children and parents reflect independently in two areas of the library to break away from the usual family dynamic where parents often decide and guide the children in their processes. We then reunited to co-create beautiful posters in our mother tongues, letting the children illustrate the chosen word freely.  Of all the beautiful posters created, no two posters had the same language!

poster with the work love in ukrainian on it group of people around a table
We learned to trust our skills and each other beyond our ages. We also learned the power of conscious choices, manifesting what we wanted to enhance in our lives as a team. The results were beyond everybody's expectations and had some of us in tears. Our host Otilia is a professional designer and she took the time to give each poster a professional finished look so it would be treated as a precious family item to be framed and exhibited at home.

poster being designed on a computer

Kakó Lingua events focus on spending intercultural and inter-generational quality time together to foster a better understanding between parents and children. Using visual co-creation and different languages in a friendly and inspiring environment, we will utilize each others skills and connect using communication beyond language. The events all take place at The Reykjavík City Library Kringlan, all supplies are provided and participation is free.
Last, but not least, there is always kakó (hot cocoa) on offer and a multilingual music playlist as our backdrop.

Join us next time!

poster with the word adventure on it
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Martyna Karolina Daniel, intercultural specialist

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