Comments from teachers

An intercultural gathering in Fellaskóli, primary/secondary school

It was very amusing to see the different ways in which the students interpreted their culture. Some simply brought their favourite toys whilst others gathered objects from their country of origin, mixed them with objects from Iceland and introduced them as their culture. One student stood on a chair and sang songs in Polish for his fellow students and other guests, he was very excited about introducing his country to others through the objects he had brought along. He also brought a few objects that are dear to him, not expensive things but things of sentimental value to him. He prepared this introduction by himself, without assistance from school staff or parents. Other students received more help and there was for example one student who brought a local dish from their homeland prepared by the student’s parents. A few weeks have passed since we worked on this project and the students are still discussing this great experience. We, the teachers, can also feel that altercations and bad moods between students have been reduced and we ask ourselves if this is connected to them having learnt more about each other’s cultures and therefore gotten to know each other in a new way.
We found it especially enjoyable to work on this project. It fits very well into the multicultural environment here at Fellaskóli. It was great to see how wide the theme is because then it was ours to decide what we wanted to focus on.

Elín Ósk Baldursdóttir and Bjarnheiður Jónsdóttir, primary school teachers.

An intercultural gathering at Sólborg Nursery School

It is our great pleasure to recommend the Intercultural gathering project which The Reykjavik City Library has to offer, it’s a great initiative. The structure is good, starts with an introduction for the main staff who then communicate the material to their co-workers. That makes the project a joint effort and every one is an equal participant. It is also enjoyable to experience that Intercultural gatherings are not only for children of foreign origin, but for all of us, since some had thought that gatherings like this were only for foreigners. This strengthens our ability to introduce our own culture and origin. Each individual can present whatever they want from their own life.

Jónína Konráðsdóttir and Ragnheiður Þóra Kolbeins, Nursery School Teachers

An Intercultural Gathering at Austurbæjarskóli, primary/secondary school

The Intercultural Gathering exceeded expectations and parents of ALL the children in the class are very pleased with this initiative. The atmosphere in class is also better as a result of doing this work. It would be a good idea to introduce the intercultural gatherings to all parents in the general introduction of the curriculum which is held at the beginning of each school year and to subsequently start working on this project.

María Vilborg Ragnarsdóttir, secondary school teacher