The Sharp of the Pencil

Oddhvassir blýantar - Alþjóðleg skopmyndasýning

An Exhibition on Women's Rights and Freedom of Speech

Reykjavík City Library | Gerðuberg Culture House
December 13th - January 20th 2019


The Exhibition The Sharp of the Pencil was created after the rise of the #Metoo movement by the organization Le Crayon, which was originally founded in order to protect and to illustrate freedom of speech, in collaboration with France-Cartoons and the International Festival of Caricatures in L’Estaque.

The artists are from all over the world, some of them are from countries where their art is a danger to their freedom. At Gerðuberg you‘ll find artwork from the United States, Bangladesh, Bahrein, Belgium, The United Kingdom. Burkina Faso, Egypt, France, Gabon, The Netherlands, India, Iran, Israel, Canada, China, Columbia, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Syria, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

The artists work within the themes of women‘s rights, women empowerment and #Metoo, each in their own way. The artwork can be hilarious, beautiful, horrible and scary. The pictures are a testimony to the fact that the pen is mightier than the sword.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Icelandic Women‘s Rights Association, The French Embassy and the Reykjavík City Library

Further Information:

Sunna Gunnars Marteinsdóttir
stjórnarkona Kvenréttindafélags Íslands,
sunnagm [at]

Guðrún Dís Jónatansdóttir, deildarstjóri fræðslu og miðlunar hjá Borgarbókasafninu
gudrun.dis.jontansdottir [at]
411 6115

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