Café Lingua | Sign Language It is already there in your hands

Café Lingua | Sign Language – It is already there, in your hands

Borgarbókasafnið | Menningarhús Grófinni

Fimmtudagur 7. febrúar kl. 17.00

Now you have an opportunity to get to know and use Icelandic Sign Language.

There are many myths and misconceptions about sign languages in general:

No, sign language is not a universal language.
No, sign languages are not just drawings in the air.
Yes, sign languages are ratified, natural languages that develope and exist like all other natural languages.

First there will be a short introduction about Icelandic Sign Language and what can be gained by learning and using it. Then you will have the opportunity to learn the basics, review what you already know, or simply enjoy to have a little chat with others in silence.

Do you want to try? Please, feel free to come. Everybody is welcome!

Organiser: The Icelandic Sign Language Council


Hólmfríður Þóroddsdóttir, malnefnd [at], 618 5175

Kristín R. Vilhjálmsdóttir, kristin.r.vilhjalmsdottir [at], 6181420

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Thursday, 7. February 2019

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