Anthropology in Kid-Speak | Exhibition 15.6-24.8

Mannfræði fyrir krakka - Sýning

Reykjavik City Library | Gerðuberg Culture House
15. June- 24. August2018

Come check out the exhibition that showcases the results of a workshop for kids 9-12 years old held earlier this summer. The kids looked at the term nation and used their own imagination and critical thinking to express their thoughts and create their own utopian society. 


The workshop was held and it's findings will be used for a new edition of the book Anthropology for Kids, soon to be released for Icelandic children.

Nika Dubrovsky is the brain behind the project and the main author of the books. She is Russian but lives in Berlin. 

The purpose of the project is to encourage kids and young people to be creative and think critically about the structure of their own society and culture. 


Nika Dubrovsky, Ólöf Sverrisdóttir and Sara S. Öldudóttir were workshop leaders.


Borgarbókasafnið and List fyrir alla are collaborators. 
Fullveldissjóður and Goethe Institut supported the project. 

More on the project at

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Friday, 24. August 2018

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