The Reykjavik City Library Podcast

The Reykjavik City Library Podcast was launched in June 2017. The podcast features the library staff - a group of bookaholics - and other esteemed guests, chatting about the library's collections and diverse projects.  The podcast, as of yet only available in Icelandic, is accessible through Soundcloud and most podcast apps, under the Borgarbókasafnið name. 

Do you want to start a podcast of your own? Record an interview? Reykjavik City Library patrons can now book our podcast studio, Kompan, located at Grófin Culture House, and gain access to our recording equipment! Send us an email at hladvarp [at] to book Kompan. 

Um allt land - Around Iceland

The podcast's first episodes focused on a literary road trip around Iceland, based on our very own Literary Map of Iceland. Listen here. In Icelandic.  

Bókmenntir augnabliksins - From Page to Stage

Plays and novels headed for the stage were the focus of these episodes, launched as the new theater seasons took off during fall 2017. Listen here. In Icelandic. 

Jóla-barna-bóka-spjall - New Children's Books

During the traditional Christmas Book Flood we invited some of our young patrons over to discuss the new books for Children. Listen here. In Icelandic 

Reykjavik City Library Christmas Calendar 2017

Author Þórarinn Leifsson wrote our Christmas Calendar story for 2017. We publish a new chapter daily in December, leading up to Christmas. Listen to the story here, read by the author. In Icelandic.