Intercultural projects

Picture: The Reykjavik map of The Women's Story Circle, Reykjavik City Hall

Reykjavik City Library runs several  multicultural projects where the goal is to promote awareness of the positive values of cultural diversity in our society. The library puts an emphasis on co-operating with social service centres, schools, organizations and individuals from all over the world living in Reykjavík. 
The IFLA/UNESCO Multicultural Library Manifesto is used as a guideline in this work. 

Kristín R. Vilhjálmsdóttir is the manager of multicultural projects at Reykjavík City Library.

Objectives and target group
All citizens in Reykjavik are in the target group for Reykjavik City Library’s multicultural projects. The main objective is to make a visit to the Reykjavik City Library a part of the daily life of immigrants, as well as other citizens, and to deliver the message that the library offers a variety of programs and services available to everyone. 

The objective is to:
• Encourage social integration, understanding and respect
• Create a gateway to Icelandic culture and language as well as to other cultures and languages represented in Reykjavik.
• Enhance immigrants’ language skills in Icelandic
• Build connections between all citizens of Reykjavik
• Create an informative forum of communication for all groups in society
• Make a visit to the library an integral part of the daily lives of immigrants
• Break isolation and encourage compassion towards others

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