Chief, the Bookmobile

Bókabíllinn Höfðingi
A library on the move in the city – the bookmobile stops in your neighbourhood.

Our bookmobile is called The Chief (“Höfðingi”) and its home base is at Kringlan. The Chief is on the go every weekday between September 1st and June 30th, and it stops at 30 locations around the city. It’s possible to book the bookmobile for a visit to preschools and other institutions. The bookmobile also attends neighbourhood festivals and events around the city. The illustration on The Chief’s exterior is by the artist Gunnar Karlsson.


Listabraut 3


Phone: 699 0316

Opening hours

Week 43, 19.10 - 25.10
Week 43, 19.10 - 25.10
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