Þýska myndlistarkonan Moki sýnir verk í Gerðubergi

Information about the event

10:00 - 18:00

Exhibition | Swampland

Saturday November 7th 2020 - Saturday December 5th 2020

Welcome to Swampland, an exhibition of works by the German artist Moki, at Reykjavík City Library at Gerðuberg. The exhibition will be open November 7th – December 5th, inside the library.

The drawings, sculptures and textiles, shown at the exhibition, are based on Moki's graphic novel Swampland, published in 2019. The novel consists of short episodes that Moki weaves together into a complex narrative about life and death,­ education, society and the constant search for meaning. She takes the reader on a journey through a fascinating world where animals, plants and strange creatures live together and have to face massive damage to their environment – each in their own way.

The familiar is defamiliarized in this strange world. Now, Moki invites us to step into this world and meet some strange characters. 

Swampland exhibition is open during the library's opening hours.

Moki‘s website: mioke.de

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Further information:
Halla Þórlaug Óskarsdóttir, program manager