What is Rafbókasafnið?

Rafbókasafnið is an online library of all sorts of ebooks and audiobooks. At rafbokasafnid.is you‘ll find crime, romance, adventure and biography, comics and mindfulness, revolution, fashion, cooking and much more. You can read or listen on your computer, tablet, smart phone or ebook reader.

Rafbókasafnið‘s catalogue is managed by the participating libraries and provided by OverDrive, an ebook marketplace for libraries.

What do I need?

  • You will need a valid library card and PIN number at a participating library.
  • You will log in using your library card number (usually a „GE“ followed by a string of numbers) and PIN number.
  • After your first login with your library card, you can choose to create an OverDrive account or link your account to your Facebook account, and log in through either of those in the future.

How does it work?

  • You can choose to borrow books for 7, 14 or 21 days.
  • You can check out up to 5 books at a time, and place up to 7 holds at a time.
  • You can suggest a book to be added to the catalogue. You can make up to 3 suggestions in a two week period.
  • Once a book is due, it is returned automatically – no late fees! Of course you can also return a book before it is due.
  • You can read ebooks and listen to audiobooks on your browser, with no need to download anything.
  • If you want to read or listen while offline, you will need to download either the Libby app or the OverDrive app for your smart phone or tablet; or Adobe Digital Editions to download the book onto your ebook reader (see below).


Libby is a new app from OverDrive, available at the Play Store (Android), App Store (iOS) and from Microsoft (Windows 10). Compared with the original OverDrive app, Libby has a lighter design and a step-by-step registration.

More on the Libby app at meet.libbyapp.com.


The original OverDrive app is also available at the Play Store (Android), App Store (iOS) and Microsoft (Windows 10).

More on the OverDrive app at app.overdrive.com .

Ebook reader

Rafbókasafnið’s ebooks can be read on any ebook reader that supports the ePub format. This includes the vast majority of ebook readers, apart from the Kindle. The ebooks cannot be read on the Kindle, except for the Kindle Fire, where the OverDrive app must first be set up.

To read an ebook from Rafbókasafnið on you ebook reader, first register an Adobe ID and download and install Adobe Digital Editions. Once you have checked out and downloaded your ebook, open it with Adobe Digital Editions and transfer it onto your ebook reader.

Promotional Materials

What is Rafbókasafnið? – in brief

The Rafbókasafnið logo

Contact us

If you still have questions or comments about Rafbókasafnið, please email us at rafbokasafnid [at] reykjavik.is.

Participating libraries are free to use these directions and promotional materials as they please.