Reflection | 14.9.- 21.10.

Ísabella Leifsdóttir, Borgarbókasafn Reykjavíkur, Endurspeglun, endurnýting

Art exhibition | Ísabella Leifsdóttir

The Reykjavik City Library | Spöngin Culture House
14 September - 21 October 2017

"How do you feel about consumption, when you see the things we give our children pile up all around us? What messages are we sending them, what kind of a future do we want to create for them? Are we building them up or are we destroying the world that should be theirs?"

Artist Ísabella Leifsdóttir asks these questions. In her artwork, she wants do draw attention to the abundance in our society. She exhibits mirrors that she has adorned with tiny plastic trinkets that were meant for recycling. The mirrors are pretty and attractive, the purpose is to make objects that people would not want to throw away. The works are also a reminder to consumers to think and chose carefully before they hand out their credit cars.

The works are made of tiny plastic toys and trinkets, marketed for children. A big part of the material is not practical for resale and therefore ends in landfills and inevitably causes pollution in nature. The amount that recyling stations receive is so great that there is no way sorting and reselling everything.

Ísabella also reflects on the messages we send our children through the objects we choose to give them. "Why do we give our children guns, is it so they can practice going to war? Why do we buy loads of makeup, jewellery and hairclips in pink and purple? Do little girls have to practice making themselves cute?"

"I use mirrors as a base, so people litterally have to look themselves in the eye, and the consumption, when they come to the exhibition.  All material (except for paint and glue) comes from the recycling station Góði hirðirinn, the staff there has granted me access to material meant for recycling."

Ísabella is a member of the artists club Litka and has participated in several collective exhibitions. Reflection is her seventh private exhbition. Ísabella's works can be seen on the Facebook-page La Diva Rosa and on Instagram @ladivarosaart and #ladivarosa.

Ísabella's artistical background is in music, she studied opera singing in The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, Englan. All her life she has made visual art also, and as a child she attended the art school of Kópavogur.   

Ísabella will be having two workshops at the library during her exbhibition, where old things get new roles.   

For further information:
Sigríður Stephensen
sigridur.steinunn.stephensen [at]
s. 411 6230





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