Study Café - Homework Assistance At The Library


Merki Heilahristings.pngAt The Reykjavik City Library you can:

  • get help with your homework in a cosy atmosphere
  • receive support with continued studies
  • boost your self confidence
  • get access to fun books, movies and music
  • enjoy good company in creative surroundings

When and where?

The Reykjavík City Library | Kringlan Culture House: Mondays at 2.00-4.00 pm. for 4th to 10th grade students
The Reykjavík City Library | Gerðuberg Culture House: Mondays and Wednesdays at 2.00-3.30 pm for 4th to 7th grade students

Heilahristingur is a cooperation between Reykjavik City Library and the Reykjavik branch of the Red Cross. Volunteers from the Reykjavik branch of the Red Cross welcome those students interested in the homework assistance.

About Heilahristingur

Heilahristingur (literally: shake-your-brain) is a homework assistance program for 4th to 10th grade students, high school students and adults. The aim of the project is to support and strengthen students in their studies and introduce the library’s services in connection with their studies, interests, hobbies and so forth.

The homework assistance is spiced up with various happenings, such as dance, film screenings and music. The main emphasis is placed on offering a positive environment which supports creative work for children and teenagers, making the participants aware of their future opportunities, strengthening their self-image and providing an opportunity to meet their friends and gain new ones.

The project is done in cooperation between Reykjavík City Library and The Reykjavík Red Cross and is based in part on a Danish project called “Projekt 100 lektiecaféer.” The library is an ideal place for this type of work since it is a neutral, relaxed and informal place where everyone is welcome. A public library is in fact a gateway into society. In addition to this, the library offers all kind of study material and the staff can help the students and volunteers find appropriate material and information. The Reykjavík Red Cross has years of experience in the field of homework assistance and language stimulation for young school children and valuable knowledge of working with volunteers.

The project received support from Þróunarsjóður innflytjendamála (The Immigration Development Fund) and from Reykjavík City’s Menntaráð (Council of Education).

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