Dear guests! Here you'll find our opening hours during the holidays.


At the moment, the people of Reykjavík are voting on loads of ideas for their neighborhood. To do so, you will need Íslykill to log in. At the library you may now get help registering for Íslykill and they offer computers so you can finish casting your vote at the library!

The library staff is collaborating with Þjóðskrá and will help you get your Íslykill in all six locations in Reykjavík. They will be able to help you during the opening hours of Þjóðskrá which is every weekday until 3 PM. 


World Faries - story tellings in different languages 

Reykjavik City Library wants to invite you to host story tellings for children in your own language. 

Registration and further information:
Ingibjörg Ösp Óttarsdóttir
ingibjorg.osp.ottarsdottir [at]
tel. 411-6100


The First of September is arriving tomorrow and the weather has officially invited the autumn to visit Reykjavík! We now announce that our opening hours will change tomorrow, on September 1st, to suit the winter time.


Mondays - Thursdays 10-19
Fridays 11-18
Saturdays and Sundays 13-17


Mondays - Thursdays 10-19
Fridays 11-18
Saturdays 10-15


Mondays - Thursdays 10-19
Fridays 11-19
Saturdays 12-16


Lestrarvinir are looking for families to participate this winter, 2018-2019. The project started in October 2017 and became a great success. Now we are looking to recruit families for round two. The project connects families and voluntary booklovers, who read for the children once a week. Each visit lasts one hour and the total number of visits is 20. The reading friend and the child will also visit the library at one point. 

Families - Are you looking for someone to read for your child/ren?


All libraries are closed Monday, the 6th of August. 

Grófin Culture House is also closed on Sunday, the 5th of August. 

Trademan's Weekend

Everybody needs a little break from work and our lovely bookmobile is no exception. The Chief, like many know him, will be taking a summer break in July and August. He has been bringing you books all around town all winter and needs some well deserved rest. 

The bookmobile fans can expect a new and improved schedule for next winter. The schedule will be revealed closer to September. 

The bookmobile is gearing up for the vacay

And finally there was summer! Our opening hours are changing accordingly on June 1st. Please, check the summer hours for your local library below. 



Mon-Thurs. 10-19
Fridays 11-18
Sat.-Sun. 13-17


Mon.Thurs. 10-18.30
Fridays 11-18.30
Saturdays 13-17


Mon.-Thurs. 10-18
Fridays 11-18


Mon.-Thrus. 10-18
Fridays 11-18



Are the Summer Workshops at the Reykjavik City Library‘s something for your kids! Take a look at our program and check if you will find something fun for your children to do this summer. 
Click here to take a look at the program...

Further information:

Þorbjörg Karlsdóttir
thorbjorg.karlsdottir [at]
Tel. 411 6100




Happy May 1st!

Today we celebrate May 1st with the working-class people and all our culture houses are therefore closed. We welcome you back tomorrow, Wednesday!