My Neighborhood - The library will assist you so you can vote!

  • Mitthverfi

At the moment, the people of Reykjavík are voting on loads of ideas for their neighborhood. To do so, you will need Íslykill to log in. At the library you may now get help registering for Íslykill and they offer computers so you can finish casting your vote at the library!

The library staff is collaborating with Þjóðskrá and will help you get your Íslykill in all six locations in Reykjavík. They will be able to help you during the opening hours of Þjóðskrá which is every weekday until 3 PM. 

Come get your Íslykill at the library and help make changes to your neighborhood!

... Now, if your reading this and you don't need any assistance, we encourage you to simply visit Hverfið mitt and cast your vote!