The Writing Room

The Writing Room (Icelandic: Skrifstofan) first opened at Kringlan Culture House in April 2017. The Writing Room is a group of writers who meet every other week to work on their craft; take the time to sit down and do some actual writing, discuss their texts or get a second opinion; read some poetry for inspiration or reach for the dictionaries. Reykjavik City Library  has in the past organized several writing workshops, and the instructors from these workshops will pay regular visits to the Writing Room. However, the Writing Room is not a lead workshop, but a free space for writers to work on their own projects or mingle with like-minded people. It‘s up to you!

The Writing Room is open to everyone who writes, in whatever language.

The Writing Room operates a mailing list where we share writing tips, quotes, prompts and whatever writing-related fun may come our way. Subscribers are encouraged to reach out to each other for advice or read-throughs. Most of the communication is in Icelandic but feel free to write in another language! Send an email to sunna.dis.masdottir [at] to join – and for any further information on the Writing Room.