World Children's Day with a Japanese theme

On World Children’s Day, which is now being held for the 13th time, children and their parents will have the opportunity of taking part in a variety of interesting workshops and enjoying events of many types in the Reykjavík City Library’s branches (cultural centres) all over the city. World Children’s Day is on Saturday, 18 February, at the start of the winter holiday in Reykjavík’s primary schools.

This year the day will have a Japanese theme. For example, there will be an opportunity to find out about Japanese manga comics, to make Japanese wishing lines, to try on a kimono, to have your face painted in the Japanese style, to make a Noh mask, make a kite, write your name in Japanese characters, taste green Japanese tea, search for pokémons, learn the basics of ju-jitsu and many other things.

Events will be held Saturday the 18th of February in the Reykjavík City Library’s branches in Gerðuberg, Spöngin, Kringlan and Sólheimar.  Further details of the programme at each location can be found on the library’s home page,, in both Icelandic and English, and on the Facebook pages of each of the centres. 

Take a look at the entire programme of the World Children's Day...

Don’t miss World Children’s Day. Everyone is welcome, both children and adults – and admission is free!

Further information:
Inga María Leifsdóttir, project manager of events
E-mail: inga.maria.leifsdottir [at]
Tel: 411 6189 / 861 4879