Polish Posters under Northern Lights | Exhibition 23.9.-19.11.

Veggspjöld eftir Leszek Żebrowski, Sebastian Kubica og Moniku Starowicz í Gerðubergi

Leszek Żebrowski, Sebastian Kubica & Monika Starowicz 

The Reykjavik City Library | Gerduberg Culture House
23 September – 19 November 2017

The exhibition presents the newest posters created by artists: Leszek Żebrowski, Monika Starowicz and Sebastian Kubica, who are special guests of the Polish Poster Project in Iceland.

Leszek Żebrowski - ‘Poor poster’
According to Jan Lenica's motto, the simpler the poster is, the stronger it works on our imagination. Żebrowski's modest, economical-colour posters make a specific dialogue with the viewer. The aim of so called ‘poor poster’ is to present the form of posters as a result of a process of reduction, cleansed from all unnecessary elements. Żebrowski has been awarded for this series of posters at the International Poster Biennale in Tehran and Warsaw. He is the author of over 500 posters published and well known for posters created for William Shakespeare's plays.

Sebastian Kubica - ‘Short stories’
Every poster is a story. This is a kind of journey the artist takes us on. The exhibition is an opportunity to enter the mysterious and magical world of posters by Sebastian Kubica. He is interested in graphic design, drawing, graphic art and illustration. The strength of his posters lies in the idea and the workshop. He picks the motives precisely and adequately for the subject, as the functionality of a poster is essential in his art.

Monika Starowicz - ‘Woman’s fascinations’
“Poster should be individually beautiful in its form, graphic and should make a lot of noise by its message. I have my own fascinations and I follow them. Each of my poster contains a piece of my soul. I have fun with a form, a trace, color and texture. The poster is synthesis, sometimes starting point for further action. Just open your mind, spread your wings and fly.”

Art workshop for 9-12 year old
On Sunday the 24th of September at 2 p.m. we invite children to participate in a poster-workshop with our artists
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Posters have a longer and more significant history than many suspects. In Poland, the poster is in high regard and has a unique history as an art form. In the cultural city of Kraków you will find a gallery, founded by Krzysztof Dydo where you can find a vast selection of Polish posters which Dydo has collected over the years. The gallery hosts a large number of exhibitions and projects in aim to introduce this distinctive artistic genre to the general public. During the festival, art exhibitions will open, featuring posters from different period’s showcasing highlights in the cultural scene; such as theaters, opera or movies, or advertisements or propaganda.

During the festival there will also be lectures and film shows that give insight into this remarkable art form.

The project is in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture and the National Museum of Poland.

Free admission and everybody is welcome! 

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