The path is clear; let's bicycle!

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Árni Davíðsson talks about bicycling and transport

Culture House Spöngin, Monday April 24th, 17:15-18:00 h

Bicycling facilities are improving day by day in Reykjavik, including in the neighbourhood of Grafarvogur. New bridges over the estuary of the river Elliðaár for pedestrians and cyclists have shortened the route from Grafarvogur to the city centre. A 10 minute bicycle tour from Spöngin and you can go bird watching in Geldinganes and admire the vegetation in Mosfellsbær. In addition the fuel is free, your heart and circulation system improve, you are protecting the environment and you get an opportunity to enjoy the outdoor life!

Árni Davíðsson of the organization Hjólafærni á Íslandi (Cycling skills in Iceland) will make a humorous, yet practical talk about cooperation on the roads, superstition in cycling, cycling routes, cycling culture, security and skills, bicycle care and the various possibilities of transportation in the city.

Open for everyone, admission free.

For further information: 
Sigríður Stephensen
sigridur.steinunn.stephensen [at]
s. 411 6230





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Monday, 24. April 2017

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