Mystic Landscape | 20.5-27.8

Soffía Sæmundsdóttir

Soffía Sæmundsdóttir
Landscape that captures the imagined and real

Reykjavík City Library | Gerðuberg Cultural Centre
20 May – 27 August 2017

In Soffia Sæmundsdóttir’s drawings and prints, she works with mystic landscape that captures the imagined and real.

About the work she says:
“  Whether one looks up to the skies or mountain, down to the bottom of the ocean or the eternal horizon, the outcome is here on the paper. With no particular view or model in mind I create landscapes with pencil, charcoal or Ink that gives a particular result. The way it is then presented hints a “continuum” and has a historical reference, but it is also a journey that is personal and important to me and I get inspired by places, nature and history of a particular place. “

Soffia Sæmundsdóttir works mainly in painting but also drawing and printmaking and has been active in the icelandic/international art scene for the past decade. She’s inspired by landscape and nature and seeks unknown places to explore. She’s a printmakers graduate from the Icelandic College of Arts and Craft and did her MFA in painting at Mills College California 2001-3. She has had numerous solo shows and participated in group shows in Iceland and abroad and has collaborated with fellow artists as well as with international printmaking collaborations. She has been an artist in residence at  ALN, Burden Lake Park, NY, Lukas Künstlerhaus in Ahrenshoop Germany and at the Leighton Studio’s at Banff, Canada to name a few. She’s a Joan Mitchell Painter’s and Sculpture Award Recipient and a price winner in Winsor and Newton International Painting Millennium Competition. She was the Chairman of Icelandic Printmakers Association 2011-2015 and is now on the association’s show committee. She lives and works in Reykjavik greater area.


Solo Exhibitions (selection)
2016 Berg – Soffia’s Dreamworld, Fold Gallery – Air Earth,
2015 SIM Gallery – Kleine Welt III Exitus, Gallery Stafn - Elsewhere
2013 IPA Gallery – Kleine Welt II / documenti, Herbergid/Kirsuberjatred – Kleine Welt
2012 Klaustur Gallery (Gunnarshus)– Dalverpi
2011 Fold Gallery – Veruleikans hugarsvi›
2009 Galleri Krebsen (Copenhagen)- Vistaskipti
2008 Copnehagen Business School
2008 Munadarnes - Sumarganga
2006 Fold Gallery - Rætur/Roots

Group Exhibitions (selection)
2016 Galerie Carusel, Basel - Wish you were here Postcard Project with Heike Liss.
Manhattan Graphics(NY) Iceland-USA Print Exchange, Reykjanes Art Museum - Above and below the Horizon with Elva Hreidarsdottir, Phyllis Ewen.
2015 LÁ Museum, Hverager›i, Iceland Gullkistan 20 ára,
IPA Gallery Wish you were here Postcard Project with Heike Liss
2014 Belmont Art Gallery, Boston, Mass – IPA/BP
2013 Grafisk Verkstæd Næstved, Denmark Næst vi› Næstved,
2012 IPA Gallery - True North Print Portfolio Curated by Nicole Pietrantoni

2009-2010 Teaching Diploma - Icelandic Academy of the Arts
2001-2003 Mills College, MFA, Oakland, California
1987-1991 Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts, BFA
1986 Reykjavik Artschool
1985 Wiener Kunstschule
1980-1984 Sund College

Social Activities/Other
Member of SIM,
Member of the Icelandic Printmakers Association , Chairman 2011-2015
IPA show Committee 2015-
Teaching at Mosfellsbaer Art School 2005-

2016 Icelandic Government Collaborative Stiepend with Elva Hreidarsdottir (3 months)
2014 Gardabaer annual Artist Award 2014
2004 Muggur/Reykjavik Airwaves
2003 Joan Mitchell Foundation Painting and Sculpture award.
2003 Jay De Fayo Prize
2000 Icelandic Ministry of Education and Culture, travel grant
2000 The International Winsor & Newton Millenium Painting

Artist Residencies
2015 ALN – New York
2012 Lukas Künstlerhaus, Ahrenshoop Germany
2011 Varmahlid, Hveragerdi
2004 Leighton Studios/Banff Centre, Canada
1999 Studio and artist recidence, Skriduklaustur, Gunnarshus


Further information:
Kristín Þóra Guðbjartsdóttir, project manager
kristin.thora.gudbjartsdottir [at]
Tel.: 692 1733





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