Icelandic Literature is a website run by Reykjavík City Library, containing information about contemporary Icelandic authors and their work. It was launched in 2000 and has been steadily growing since then, now counting more than 100 fiction writers in all genres. Here you can find information about writers of poetry and prose; novel- and short story writers, authors of children's books and playwrights. You can read articles by Icelandic critics about each author, personal essays from the authors written for the web, biographical information and bibliography with lists of original and translated work, as well as excerpts from some published works.

The aim of this website is to make information about contemporary lcelandic literature accessible to the general public, students of Icelandic literature and scholars, and to support Icelandic literature at home and abroad. We hope it will be of good use to you and welcome all comments. Visit

If you have been reading a book by an Icelandic author and would like to share your thoughts with other readers, please feel free to contact us.

Editor in Chief is Björn Unnar Valsson