Reykjavík  City Library offers a wide range of material that appeals to children and adults. The library primarily collects Icelandic material, fiction and non-fiction, music, movies and documentaries, but also purchases foreign material. 

At Reykjavík City Library you can find: 
• Fiction in Icelandic and foreign languages 
• Non-fiction in Icelandic and foreign languages (mostly English) 
• Comics
• Audio books
• Music on CDs and vinyl 
• Films on DVD and VHS 
• Magazines
• Language courses
• Sheet notes 
• Electronic material at

Is the book/material available? Look it up in the library catalog at

In all our branches, you can sit down and read newspapers and new magazines. You can also use dictionaries, encyclopedias and other handbooks. 

Do you have any purchasing suggestions?  Send us an email at ingvi.thor.kormaksson [at] and we will look into buying the book, magazine, music, film, or suggested item.