Children's Culture Festival | Strange Creature

Kristin Þóra Guðbjartsdóttir

Send your creature on a journey with the mail

Reykjavík City Library | Culture House Spöngin
Saturday, 29 April, 1 -3 p.m.

A session for the whole family – part of the Children’s Cultural Festival

Come and take part in a letterworkshop where strange creature come to life when the letter is opened. 

The workshop topic is inspired by strange or imagenery mysterious creatures in our closest surrounding or even from outer space. If you look closely there are many strange or fantastic creature all around us. These creature can be feathered, with scales or fur or they can be with combination of animal / human parts or plants from nature. What kind of a weird creature can you imagen?

The workshop will be directed by Droplaug Benediktsdóttir.

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Saturday, 29. April 2017

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