Cafe Lingua

Cafe Lingua - Linguistic diversity and languages in danger

Veröld - The Vigdís World Language Centre
Thursday, August 17th, 17:00

How many languages are there in the world? How are they related? How different or similar are they? How did and do they develop over time? What happens when they meet?
Sebastian Drude, director of The Vigdís World Language Center, will answer these questions, giving an introduction to linguistic diversity – but also to language endangerment, why and how languages disappear. 

Café Lingua is a platform for those who want to enhance their language skills, Icelandic or other languages, a place to communicate in and about various languages as well as a gateway into different cultures. The goal is to “unveil” the linguistic treasures that have found their way to Iceland, enriching life and culture, as well as giving world citizens the option to express themselves in Icelandic and to introduce their mother tongues to others. The Café Lingua events of the autumn are held in the culture houses of Reykjavik City Library, “Veröld” - the Vigdís World Language Centre and in “Stúdentakjallarinn” at the University of Iceland.

Everybody interested in languages and in contributing to the linguistic landscape of Reykjavik is welcome. Free admission and you can get yourself a cup of coffee or tea.

The project is run by the Reykjavik City Library and the Vigdís World Language Centre.

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Thursday, 17. August 2017

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