The Reykjavík City Library strives to maintain a collection that serves the needs of its large and diverse user group. Patrons of all ages should have easy access to good quality, diverse materials.  

Collection development is outlined by the following objectives :

  • to support life-long learning
  • to encourage literacy
  • to strengthen and promote the Icelandic language
  • to provide foreign language materials
  • to promote cultural diversity, cultural exchange and easy assimilation for new residents
  • to keep up with technology, specifically in providing books or other material in electronic form

Books available at the Reykjavík City Library can be found via the online catalog at

If a book is not available at your specific library branch, there are ways to try to obtain it:

  • Interlibrary loan: a service within the Reykjavik City Library (including the libraries of Seltjarnarnes and Mosfellsbær) that allows a patron to request that an item be sent from a library where the item is available to his desired library branch.  
  • Holds Request: a service that  allows a patron to  request a book that is currently checked out.  Once a request is placed, the patron is put on a waiting list.  A Holds Request can be placed at a library, over the phone or by logging into your personal account at
  • Purchasing Suggestions:  Please feel free to let the library know if there are items that you wish to be purchased.  Send us a suggestion ingvi.thor.kormaksson [at] and we will look into buying the book, magazine, music, film, etc.


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